Unlock Hope

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It has been a couple weeks since I have written about another ethical company I love, mostly due to the stomach flu and a last minute trip. Today I was doing laundry and thought I would share a company that has started to take up quite a bit of my wardrobe.
Unlock Hope is a company that brings hope to orphaned girls in Uganda. The run a hostel for these girls and pay for things like their food, health care, and education. This gives these girls a leg up in a society where girls are often forced to marry young with little education, have large families, and work tough jobs for little pay.
They have a variety of shirt and accessories, most with uplifting phrases, and have sales fairly often. I have loved all the items I have gotten from them (which includes 7 shirts and a hoodie!) You can check them out here at https://unlockhope.com/

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