The Beginning

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The beginning…..

I used to do yoga a lot when I was younger. I even thought about becoming a certified yoga teacher then, but I didn’t. Then the usual story happened…life got busy and I stopped my practice.

Now that my twins are 18 months old, I want to feel better. I miss how I feel mentally and physically when I care for myself. So I am starting the journey I thought about long ago, I am becoming a certified yoga teacher.

For someone who hasn’t practiced in years it is a big leap to become a teacher instead of, I dunno, maybe taking a park district class? For me though it is all in the mentality. If I just say, “I want to work out more” or sign up for a class, life will get in the way again. Or rather, I will let life get in the way.

It is a far bigger commitment to myself, if I say I am going to be a teacher. To teach, I really need to learn and practice. Yoga no longer takes a back seat as something to “fit in” when I have time (lol, who has time these days??), but becomes a real priority instead.

I become a real priority.

I will be documenting my yoga journey here as well as sharing some yoga things I love. I hope my journey inspires you to do something you have always wanted, and to take some time to care for yourself. You deserve it.


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