Simplify Your Holiday Shopping with these 6 Tips

‘Tis the season to shop…at least that is what it can seem like with all the sales and ads.


This time of year can be so stressful for people as they run around getting into debt for presents– some presents that will go unused by family and friends or that their kids will stop playing with in a month.


Everyone wants to show others they love them this time of year, but that can be done without the chaos and stress. Here are a few tips to more intentional holiday shopping:


Christmas isn’t a competition.

You don’t get a gold medal for buying the biggest, most expensive gift. As a parent, I know how hard it can be when your kids want all the things, but they don’t need all the things.


There is a popular four-gift concept out there of buying something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. If you are feeling overwhelmed by shopping for your kids and the amount of stuff they have, this list maybe a good jumping off point for you.


Look at what you spend.

Be mindful of your finances and create a budget for your holiday spending. What can you do without going into debt and stressing yourself out? Maybe it will be a year you search Pinterest for homemade gifts that fit into your budget. That is great!


You don’t need to feel pressure to go into debt to buy things others might not even need. If you want to spend more next year, start budgeting and saving for it starting in January so that you can purchase things without debt.


I also personally follow a website called Hip2Save. She posts a lot of great deals that allow my Christmas budget to go farther.


Focus on experiences.

When it comes to friends and family, if there is something they really need or want, that is easy, but if there isn’t, an experience can make a great gift. Take them out to a movie, concert, for a manicure, etc.


If you don’t have the cash for that, invite them over and make a favorite meal or DIY them what they need for an at-home spa night (face mask, bath soak, body scrub etc.)


Experiences also make for good gift ideas for relatives when they ask what you or your family would like. Your kids may not need any more toys, but a museum or zoo membership could provide a lot of fun family memories.


Pay attention to where you spend.

Buying gifts that give back by supporting fair trade or a charity is another great way to make your money do doubletime. You are supporting a wonderful cause that you and the recipient will both feel great about when they get the gift.


I have a few gift guides in my archives, as well as fairly traded and ethically made items in our Compassion Market.


Shopping locally and supporting small businesses around the holidays is a great way to support people in your own community and get unique gifts you won’t see at the big box stores.


Make hosting work for you.

Some people have a natural gift for entertaining; I am not one of those people. For me, it is stressful. I can’t fathom cooking a large meal and getting everything done at the same time while chasing after twin toddlers, so I don’t.


We still host, but we host get-togethers that involve appetizers and desserts (they are the best part of a meal anyway). We make a few and then have guests bring one to pass. Less work, less stress, less cost.


Also, my house is never Pinterest-worthy at these get-togethers. I don’t make fancy plates, décor, or anything like that. If it is clean-ish, we are winning in my book. It isn’t that I wouldn’t like to do more, but, with my twins, I know my limits and that I will have two tornadoes undoing anything I tried to do anyway.


Be intentional with your time.

Things can get busy and overwhelming this time of year, if you let it. Be intentional about what makes it onto your calendar and how you are spending your time so you can enjoy this season. This may involve saying no or creating some new traditions of your own to make the most of your time with loved ones.


I hope this article helps keeps you from getting swept into the holiday madness and have an intentional holiday season that you enjoy.

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