My Focus for Today, and Hopefully Yours Too

I was hoping to spend this month bringing you blog posts about inspiring media. Unfortunately, this month brought the surprise passing of family member and friend’s sister, along with national tragedy. These events left me feeling anything but inspired, as grief and feelings of overwhelm hit home.


The idea of writing a blog post about something inspiring and uplifting seemed too hard when I was the one that needed to be uplifted. So, I took time to be with loved ones and be present for the grief and many mixed emotions that come after a loss.


During this time, I received a book, Daring to Hope by Katie Davis Major. She had started an artisan group I had sold products for in my Trades of Hope days, and this book was balm for my aching heart. I am not totally finished with it yet, so I can’t offer a full review other than to say it was just what I needed, and, if you are grieving or feeling lost as to your role in life, it could be what you need too.


Next week, I will return with inspiring media to help you live your best life. Today, I am going to focus on loving the people I am with, and I hope you do too.

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