How to Use Compassion in Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions get a bad wrap, sometimes for good reason.

These resolutions can be numerous and grandiose, and, often, there is not much thought given on how to actually execute them. With too many resolutions, temporary motivation, and little planning, no wonder many of us crash and burn when it comes to resolutions!

It is understandable to want to make big changes in 2018 if you realize you are not living in alignment with your true goals or desires for life. I am not here to stop you from taking on whatever resolutions you feel you need to, but rather to suggest forming them with compassion.

A compassionate person is kind to themselves and sets themselves up for success. They don’t take on too much with too little planning or guidance and then berate themselves for not reaching the goal.

Out of this place of kindness, compassion, and love for yourself, I ask you, what would you like to bring in to your life or leave behind in 2018? What no longer serves you, or what would you like to cultivate?

Leave your answers below and we can all encourage each other on to a more compassionate 2018!

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