Ethical Easter Basket Ideas

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1) Mercy House- Mercy house is a nonprofit organization that helps pregnant women living in the slums of Kenya gain the jobs needed to provide for their children. Mercy House has 2 cute Fair Trade offerings that I love.
The Fair Trade Easter Basket Bundle retails for $10 and has a little hand stamped gift bag that comes with two crocheted “peeps”, a handful of fair trade chocolate Easter eggs, and (for believers) a bracelet that tells the story of the Gospel.
For those looking for something a little more substantial they offer a cute hand knitted Easter Bunny with a Gospel bracelet for $16.
2) Mama Ganache Fair Trade Easter Bunnies- The majority of traditional chocolate is made from child labor. In fact after major chocolate companies were notified in a report about the problem and the amount of child slave labor they used actually increased! No worries about child labor when you buy these delicious organic, fair trade bunnies. Mama Ganache has bunnies ranging from 3 inches in size to a solid one pound chocolate bunny ranging in price from $4 to $28.50.
3) Lush Beauty Moldable Bath Soap- Bath time has never been so fun as with this awesome molding clay soap from Lush. Think play-doh you can bath with. You can crumble it under running water for a colorful, scented bath or use it as a soap and shampoo! I actually tried it myself and it left my hair softer than my normal shampoo does. This awesome product comes in a range of colors and prices start at $6.95.
Lush is made in the USA out of all natural ingredients. They are cruelty free, use fair trade ingredients in a lot of their products, and are environmentally conscious.
4) Green Toys USA- Green toys are made in the USA out of recycled materials. They have a variety of toys that can work for younger children, but my personal favorite is the Recycling Truck. A recycling truck made out of recycled materials (yes, I am a dork). They also have this adorable Build-a-bouquet which both my kids have enjoyed stacking. Both retail for $27.99.

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