Bright Endeavors

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I bought a couple of Bright Endeavors candles at a fair trade festival in Chicago a year ago. Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, I loved that they helped local women in poverty. Plus, the soy candles also smelled amazing in the booth so I was eager to give them a try. After having a chance to burn them at home I knew immediately that I wanted to support Bright Endeavors by carrying them in the Inspired Compassion store.

Bright Endeavors is a social enterprise based in Chicago, IL which produce high-quality soy candles and employee young mothers in poverty. There, young women (many of whom have never seen family members with steady work and have challenges with literacy) are provided job skills through the Bright Endeavors training program. These skills are crucial in building confidence and providing the training they need to be able to support their child.

In addition to the job training they receive through Bright Endeavors, they are also able to access other services through Bright Endeavors’ parent program, New Moms. New Moms provides access to housing, as well as parent coaching, life skills classes, and intensive case management. With many young moms having been survivors of abuse or homelessness, these classes and involved case managers teach them how to provide a loving a stable home for their children.

I love Bright Endeavors’ holistic approach to dealing with the challenges facing young mothers in poverty. They work with young mothers from the prenatal stage on to help them develop the life and job skills necessary to change their future and the future of the child. They are truly changing the story for generations.

To support the work of Bright Endeavors, and purchase a delicious smelling candle you are sure to enjoy, check out our Compassion Store.

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