6 Ways to Practice Gratitude Every Day

Gratefulness has been shown to improve how you feel about your life.


It essentially changes the lens with how you look at things. If you train your brain to look for things to be grateful for, that is what you will notice throughout the day. If your mind is trained to look for the negative, that is what you will notice throughout the day.


I have found this to be true for myself personally, so practicing daily gratitude has become an important part of my life. It doesn’t mean I don’t have bad days or that things never go wrong, but it means that I have learned to appreciate and savor the little things so my good days far outnumber my bad.


There are so many ways to cultivate gratefulness in your life, and, below, you will find a few simple ideas.


Gratitude Journal

You can purchase a specific gratitude journal, create one out of a journal you already have, use a free app like Bliss, or even just the notes section of your phone.


The idea is just to write down things that you are grateful for in your life every day. They are to be specific things, and they are to be something new.  For example, I can’t just make the blanket statement that I am grateful for my kids each day, but I can say I am grateful for the moment that my son said that I was the best mama there is.


Some people prefer to start their day this way; I prefer to do it at the end of the day. That is up to you.


In the beginning, you might want to challenge yourself to pick 10 things to write down. That number might seem challenging if you are having a bad day, but it gets your mind to start focusing on the little things that you might otherwise not take notice of, like the beautiful fall leaves on the trees in your yard or the smell of your coffee as it is brewing.


Gratitude Bracelet

Gratitude bracelets are meant to be noticed and remind you throughout the day as you wear them to be grateful.


In the Inspired Compassion Compassion Market, this bracelet has beads handmade with Haitian clay and then three brass beads. The idea is when you look down at your wrist throughout the day, you notice those three brass beads and stop and think of three things you are grateful for.


Even if you don’t purchase this specific item, finding an item you can wear or see throughout the day can be a great reminder to look for the good in your day.


Gratitude Meditations

YouTube has an abundance of guided meditations which focus on gratitude. Listening to them may help you get in the gratefulness mindset.


Gratitude Accountability Buddy

If you are finding it hard to stick to or get started with your gratitude work, find a friend or family member you can work with on cultivating gratitude. You can check in by email or messaging your gratitude list to your partner to keep each other accountable.


Share your Gratefulness with Others

Let other people know how grateful you are for them! We don’t always tell those around us how much they mean to us, but everyone likes to know they are appreciated. From thanking your cashier, to calling your parents, to writing a sweet note for your partner to find, show those around you how important they are to you. It will brighten your day and theirs.


Guard your Gratefulness

As you move into a more grateful mindset, you may find that those around you are more negative than you realized before. You may start to notice nitpicking and complaining that didn’t even register to you before you started your gratefulness journey.


Protecting yourself against negativity is an important part of cultivating gratefulness. This doesn’t necessarily mean letting go of these individuals (though it can if you eventually find these relationships to be draining and toxic), but it does mean not going to their level.


If they are complaining or nitpicking, don’t join in and don’t let anything they might say bring you down. Remind yourself that you are approaching the world in a different way, from a different mindset, and their negativity and view on life has no part in your outlook on life.


In my own life, I have had several people comment about how I don’t complain about my husband. This is not because we are both angels and do everything perfectly, but it is because he is a good, loving guy who does his best, and any little annoyances that come up don’t compare to that in the grand scheme of things. I don’t feel I really have anything worth complaining about when it comes to him, so I don’t.


I hope these tips help you add more gratefulness to your life to live your best life!

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