5 Easy Ways to Support Fair Trade in Your Daily Life

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The Fair Trade Resource Network said it best…

What you buy matters.

On its most basic, dictionary-defined level, fair trade is exactly what it sounds like: trade in which fair prices are paid to workers in developing countries.

Why developing countries?  In the United States and most other developed countries, labor laws protect workers from unfair pay and poor treatment.  

Supporting fair trade helps sustainability, community, the environment, and so much more.

Prioritizing fair trade products doesn’t have to be a challenge.  Here are 5 easy ways you can make your home and life more fair trade friendly.

Switch as You Use

With all that is going on in your life, switching everything in your home to fair trade is just too large of an undertaking to tackle all at once.

Instead, when you run out of something, check for a fair trade option.  Out of coffee?  Switch to a brand like Pura Vida instead of your usual.  Need some new shirts for summer?  Look into fair trade collections, like at Patagonia.

Some major stores even carry Fair Trade products in their store brand.  Check for the Fair Trade symbol on store brand, budget-friendly coffee, chocolate, and more at stores like Aldi and Meijer.

See Double

With a little creativity (or a simple Pinterest search), you can come up with ideas to use a single product in multiple ways.  This way, your switch to fair trade can be even easier.

For example, Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap can be used as a face wash and body wash.  It can be diluted for hand soap or as an all-purpose cleaner.  You can use it to mop your floors, and some people even use it to wash their clothes!

Check the Box

Finding fair trade products doesn’t have to be a challenge.  On Amazon and many other shopping websites, you can search a type of product, and then scroll through the sidebar to check “Fair Trade” or “Certified Fair Trade.”

Shop Fair Trade

This way, the options displayed to you are all classified as fair trade, and you can shop as you normally would!

Stay Informed

You would be amazed by how many new things you can learn just by keeping your awareness open.

A great way to quickly recognize a Fair Trade coffee, tea, and chocolate is this symbol:

Inspired Compassion, Fair Trade, Amy KuhrWhen you have this symbol on your radar, you will be able to pick up on fair trade products, even when you’re not “looking” for them.

Recognize Brand Power

When you find a product or store you love, get to know the brand.  Alaffia hand soap is a great product, but, if you take a look at their brand as a whole, they offer lots of other fair trade products!  Stores like Love Justly offer great, budget-friendly clothing and accessories options that are made under fair trade conditions.

When you are on the market for a product, stick with the brands you already love to make fair trade purchases quickly and easily.

When you buy fair trade, you bring good to the world with minimal impact on your life.  Taking a little time here and there to make the switch to fair trade products can make a big impact on our environment and on the lives of others in the long run.

Over time, every purchase you make can truly matter.

Comment below with some of your favorite fair trade products!

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