Embracing the Discomfort

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Starting this journey to become a certified yoga teacher has been a challenging one. It has been hard to deal with the reality of how out of shape I have become and the effects a twin pregnancy has had on me. For someone who used to do hot yoga 4-5 days a week to struggle with some basic poses is a blows.

Besides the weight I have gained I can feel how much things have tightened and changed with my neck and should due to constantly caring my twins for the last 18 months. Sometimes when I go to do yoga, I am like, “What was I thinking? Trying to become a certified yoga teacher now? I should have started with a basic yoga class!”

I know there was a different level of commitment though with saying I am going to become a teacher and I am glad I have made this commitment, despite the challenges.

I feel like I am learning about myself and my body all over again. Carrying a twin pregnancy causes a lot of discomfort. The first year of twins with all the sleep deprivation, and carrying around two babies at once causes discomfort. To say postpartum depression causes discomfort would be putting it extremely midly.

Now I feel like I am learning what it feels like to care for my body and soul again. Don’t get me wrong there is a lot of discomfort now too, really getting to know yourself is an uncomfortable process, but I am learning about this new body and new me.

I feel as the days pass my body relax and strengthen as it is once again given what it needs. I feel the energy that comes from taking care of myself mentally and physically. I still have sooooo far to go though that I could easily get discouraged. Instead though I have decided to embrace this process and look forward to the work ahead.



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