17 Podcasts and YouTube Channels to Inspire Your Free Time

Thank you for your patience as we have been processing our grief. I am finally back with my long overdue list of inspiring media.  

What we choose to consume throughout the day has the ability to impact our mood and thinking, so I try to be intentional about the things I choose to watch and listen to.

In our house, we don’t actually have cable; we stream content from Netflix and Amazon Prime. I also have twin toddlers, so the limited daily TV we do watch is usually things like The Magic School Bus or a nature documentary. 

I say all this because, while there may be some inspiring TV shows out there, I am not watching them. My list of inspiring media consists mostly of YouTube videos and podcasts. It is easy to watch a short video or listen to a podcast while doing things like making dinner or folding laundry, which makes it perfect for me at this stage of my life. 

The creators on this list are all ones that I find uplifting and motivating for one reason or another. They may not be your cup of tea but, in my opinion, are definitely worth checking out.

Either way, I hope this at least gets you thinking about the type of media you are consuming and whether it is helping you be the best version of yourself.


Slow Fashion Mom

First off, her soothing voice and way of speaking are so relaxing. Secondly, her content really focuses on intentional living and purchasing as a mom. She makes ethical shopping and light living seem attainable for even busy moms.

My Green Closet

Vera (who also goes by Erin) has great content on different ethical brands, ways to green your purchases, and other green living issues/ideas.

Lydia Senn

A work-from-home mom who is homeschooling her children, Lydia focuses her content on saving money, getting out of debt, and growing a business. She is real and hilarious.

Yoga by Adriene

If you want to do yoga at home, her channel is the best. She has a great variety of videos for whatever you need, and she really focuses on the connection you have with your body.

Melissa Alexandria

Her content is geared for personal growth and a positive mindset. She also has a very soothing presence.

Mary Blossoms

This full-time working mom is such a joy to watch, and she has a wonderful, intentional approach to life.

Meditative Mind

Wonderful meditations which range from quick, 11-minute ones to long, 9-hour sleep meditations.

Ally D Minimally

A minimalist, vegan mom who is very real and shares her intentional living journey. She also shares about Treacher-Collins Syndrome, which has impacted her adorable son Nolan.

Amanda Round the Globe

Follow this globe-trotting vegan minimalist writer and YouTuber on her journey and learn more about travel, being a digital nomad, and saving money.


I listen to these for free on an app called Stitcher.

The Simple Show

This show focuses on family, travel, books, and living an intentionally simpler, happier life.

The Good Life Project

The title is pretty self descriptive here. The focus is living a good life, and there is a lot of content for entrepreneurs on how to live a good life and have a good business.

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

This show focuses on how to be great in your life, with, again, a lot of focus on business or entrepreneurship.

Motivating Mom

Lisa Druxman hosts a podcast all about being the best you and mom you can be.


This is a well done NPR podcast that discusses all the things behind the scenes that influence our daily behavior, thoughts, emotions, and lives.

99% Invisible

This podcast about design will have you looking at design and the world around you differently. Also, host Roman Mars has an amazing voice which is super soothing to listen to.

The Longest-Shortest Time

This podcast on motherhood tells amazing stories that I think any parent can relate to.

This American Life

This podcast is filled with fascinating stories from all around America.

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